Providing Africa with a Handup not a Handout

Welcome to Africa Equip

We are a charity organisation working to equip Africans and their projects with key materials and resources. Our primary aim is not to handout, but to give a hand up to those keen to see things done in the various sites we work at.



Our primary objectives are to

  • Focus on projects involving children and those helping them.
  • Focused on job creation
  • Provide Resourcing either in equipment or materials
  • Provide support and encouragement through schemes and systems supporting self reliance and sustainability.

Although we are a Christian organisation, we do not discriminate between projects we support.

We are keen to make a positive and lasting difference to any project, fulfilling the above criteria.



Our Projects are often resourced by relocating equipment, tools and machinery to Africa that is no longer useful here. We have in the past sent hand tools, sewing machines, computers, welders, generators and disabled equipment including wheel chairs, hearing aids, crutches etc.

We are in the process of trying to set up a child sponsorship scheme to enable a number of children to go to school each year.

Since visiting the projects in Oct 2004, the reality of the effect we have became much more realistic and it was great to see how the little we had done, had made such a difference in the lives of the local community.