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Choir Music and CD's

The Choir are recording music all the time and new CD's are being produced. You can support the Choir directly by purchasing their music and associated Merchandise


This is the 2008 Choir touring the UK for the first time, the live recordings taken during the tour have been captured on this CD, the is a Double Album comprising two CD's covering all the songs sung during the tour.

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Are You Ready


Are You Ready captures the highlights of the 2007 Choir at their best. The CD is a testimony to the Call of the gospel for all those who believe to be ready for Jesus, imploring those who aren't to come to a new awareness of the need for the Gospel of Jesus in their lives. 

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Ngitincoba Ngemthandazo (I Conquer Through Prayer)
Ngitincoba Ngemthandazo (I Conquer Through Prayer)


Ngitincoba Ngemthandazo or "I ConquorThrough Prayer" captures the choir praising God for his answers to prayer, the gratefulness of communion and their testimony to answered prayers for many areas of their lives. 

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