Providing Africa with a Handup not a Handout

Minibus Stolen: 

Christmas 2017 Appeal, 

Sponsored by Warrior Doors Ltd 


Around 8 years ago we brought across to the UK a group of young blind people from Swaziland who sing together as a choir (Christ Worshippers Gospel Choir). They toured and sang on over 40 occasions over the course of 3 weeks.

During this visit we raised enough funds to buy them their own minibus. Transport for the choir was and indeed still is of paramount importance since blind and disabled people are seen as being cursed by God. This means that local buses won’t stop for them when they see they have a white cane.  

Anyhow around 18 months ago the choir had a problem with the bus and took it to a garage to get it repaired. The garage owner then disappeared with their bus (this is Africa!!) after a court case and 18 months passed the Police finally had the bus returned to the choir.  It was destroyed. 

It looks to me from the pictures that it’s not even the choirs bus but they changed the number plates with a scrap one of the same colour.    There are a number of projects that Africa Equip could support for this years Christmas Appeal but trying to get the choir back up and Mobile we felt was the most worthy. 

£10,000 is our target for a decent second hand minibus.  If any of our loyal suppliers or customers want to join with us in this I don’t think it would take long to raise this amount.  Warrior will put up the first £1,000, Africa Equip the second £1,000. So just £8,000 left.  just click the Donate Button 

Have a great Christmas,   Brett Barratt MD, Warrior Doors Ltd