Providing Africa with a Handup not a Handout

News Spring and Summer 2014


The Container shipment went fine as far as the inland port at Matsapha in Swaziland arriving last December, but then the problems started. Unfortunately there was a long delay and the container was not delivered as planned to the Choir’s house.

Without our authority the transport agent delivered the contents separately to the container. So tons of goods arrived at the Choir’s home and were piled ceiling high and the empty container positioned on the adjacent land. As you can see from the photos this caused chaos for the Choir as they are all either totally blind or have very limited vision


However they set to and made a human chain from their front door to the container and passed hundreds of boxes from one to another relocating them back in the container.

Even then there was so much in the house the Choir contacted Project leaders to come and collect goods promised to them as soon as possible.

This was a major task! We had sent thecontainer with partitions between goods for each project but it was now completely jumbled.  

Distribution is now nearing completion

Despite the problems many Schools, Orphanages, and poverty stricken groups have benefited from the goods distributed.

These included the following items and recipients.


The Evusweni Nazarene Primary school, situated in the mountainous northern part of Swaziland many kilometers from the nearest town received a white board and many books for their library/resource centre. The photos show children enjoying their new books and games.