Newsletter December 2012

Newsletter December 2012

Colile graduates & updates on the Christ Worshippers Choir including a message from them and a new CD release...

Colile Graduates

We are very pleased to report that Colile, a young lady we have been supporting for several years, has completed her teacher training and graduated in October. She has accepted a post in a Primary School at Dlangeni. This is too far from home to commute, so she boards at School and goes home for weekends. She lives in a very poor rural area of Swaziland where there are many orphans lacking basic necessities and Colile has distributed clothing and toiletries for us in the area. We have recently sent her another parcel of children’s knitwear. We are delighted that Africa equip has helped Colile to achieve her goal and she will remain a contact for us. The beautiful jumpers were knitted by Margaret Pearce and a typical example is shown in the photograph.

Update on the Christ Worshippers Choir

We are sorry to report that the choir were involved in a car accident when the van hit a deep hole in the road and rolled over. Three people were hurt but only Sikhumbuzo the choir leader was seriously injured requiring hospital treatment. He suffered a concussion and cuts to his head and a severely broken arm. The break required a pinned metal plate and initially was badly infected but is now healing well.

The rear and one side window of the van was shattered, the roof dented and interior trim ripped away. The pictures show the extent of the damage.

They are proceeding with the repair which is estimated at £600 and Africa Equip has sent funding to cover this. If anyone wishes to make a contribution towards this please send to Brett Barratt at Africa Equip, c/o Small Heath Baptist Church, 14 Jenkins Street, Small Heath, Birmingham, B10 0QH.

Message from the choir

The choir leader, Sikhumbuzo, sends this message to all Africa equip supporters.

The Christ Worshippers Gospel choir thanks you for enabling us to stay together in a house in the town of Mbabane for the last four years. Thank you for paying our rent, electricity, water and food bills. We enjoy living here being able to pray together, sharing food and practising singing. We sing in the streets of the town, and sell our CDs which allows us to buy toiletries, car fuel, and clothes.

I send the two pictures of my daughter Fundiswa who is now five years old and on 5th December celebrated her first graduation from pre-school, see the photo of her certificate. I thank God she is capable in class and very grateful that Africa equip sponsored her eye operation. The name Fundiswa means Educate

Best Wishes for a Happy Christmas and God Bless you all for your help.


The choirs new album

Africa Equip has prepared a CD album sleeve with details of all the songs, on the choirs new album. The CD will be available early 2013 when we will promote its sale in the UK in support of the choir and other Africa Equip projects.

It is entitled “Yona Iyamangalisa” (The work of the Lord is amazing). It has 10 tracks, with some powerful songs, English tracks such as “We praise the Lord” and “What a difference”, but also some lovely Swazi traditional gospel tracks such as the album title and “We are seeing Canaan”.

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