Newsletter December 2017

Newsletter December 2017

Uganda container update & news of the Christ Worshippers Choir in Swaziland.

Uganda Container Update

The contents of the container that we sent to the Youth Empowerment project in Uganda have been greatly appreciated. We have received lots of photographs of items in use – here are a few examples.

News of the Christ Worshippers Choir in Swaziland

We would ask for your prayers for the Choir because we are concerned about the health of several of them. Ncobile who suffered a stroke some months ago is not well enough to live with the choir anymore. She visits but is being looked after by a relative. Three of the boys have high blood pressure and we are looking into how we can best help as medication and treatment have to be paid for in Swaziland.

The choir were in need of new cooking pots so we sent some extra funds for these in addition to our regular monthly contribution to their rent and food. The photos show Philile with the new pots and 8 year old Fundiswa cooking despite being blind. It amazes us how well the blind manage to carry out every day tasks!  — like Percy sweeping the yard in the third photograph.

The Africa Equip Team wish all our friends and supporters a Very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year

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