Newsletter December 2019

butterfly project

Newsletter December 2019

The Butterfly Project in Uganda. This has been another relatively quiet year for Africa Equip.We are still in touch with...

The Butterfly Project in Uganda

This has been another relatively quiet year for Africa Equip.

We are still in touch with Ben Parkinson’s Social enterprise Butterfly project in Uganda and purchased a Bench Morticer woodworking machine for them.​

The photo shows the assembled machine with the boys who use it to help in the manufacture of equipment for omweso, a popular game played locally. The omweso sets are sold to raise funds for the project.

The Christ Worshippers Choir Update

We are still supporting the Christ Worshippers Gospel Choir. They have been doing some recording and singing at concerts and in local hospitals. Zwakele is the lead female singer. We still plan to send the recording studio but first need to relocate the Choir to a more suitable and permanent home. To this end, we have been building our funds over the last 18 months.

We are encouraging the Choir to look for suitable land or a property that we could purchase so they can fulfil their vision of having a smallholding to produce crops, keep chickens, and rear pigs.

Nohbule, one of the founding girl members of the Choir, now lives in South Africa with her mother who is a teacher. Although totally blind she has a vision to start a Nursery School with her mom and they are looking for suitable premises. Africa Equip has offered to purchase the land and help finance the project. We are excited about this for 2020.

The Africa Equip Team wish all our friends and supporters a Very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year

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