Newsletter June 2015

Newsletter June 2015

News of the Christ Worshippers Choir and support to the Butterfly Project in Uganda...

News of Christ Worshippers Gospel Choir

We continue to support the Christ Worshippers (blind) Choir by sending out money every month to pay their rent and support their living costs. Their fridge broke down so we purchased a new one for them.

They continue to use the minibus bought with the funds they raised when they visited the UK several years ago. We have funded the purchase of new tyres and a battery this year. The photo shows Percy cleaning the minibus at the Choir’s home with the container in the background.

The Choir leader, Sikhumbuso (Sku), continues to study theology at Bible College and graduated from his first year. Some members of the Choir attended the graduation ceremony and reception and were asked to sing and Sku himself preached.

Ncifie continues at University to train as a teacher for the blind. With the help of specific donations from a number of supporters, we were able to fund a laptop for his use and software to enable its use by a blind person.

Philile the blind newcomer to the Choir’s residence, who was taken in for her own protection, has settled happily into the house and can be seen with Simanga in the garden.

Support to the Butterfly Project Uganda

We reported in the last News Letter that we are supporting the Butterfly Project run by Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network,, headed by Ben Parkinson, who we know well. It is a charitable organisation based in Birmingham, UK, but operating in Uganda. It supports the development of young social entrepreneurs from remote rural and disadvantaged slum districts. The object is that these committed young people become catalysts for change in their communities. They are supported in this through specialist training and are expected to start and develop their own social project or projects for the benefit of their communities.

Africa Equip has purchased a 20ft container for the Project. This is now located at the Boys’ Brigade Headquarters in Birmingham, (see photo), where it will be packed by Boys’ Brigade volunteers. Thanks to Richard Sykes of Sykes Timber who have donated 20 sheets of Plywood for partitioning the goods when the container is packed. Africa Equip has collected equipment and books from schools in London, Streetly, and Donisthorpe and football kit from Mark at Wythall, all of whom we would also like to thank.

The young Butterfly entrepreneurs in Uganda have produced a list of items that would help them with their community projects and these items are being collected to be sent in the container. In a few days we shall email the list of items that are still required to everyone who receives this News Letter, so that anyone who wishes to donate a requested item can do so.

These Teddies knitted by Sheila Thompson will also be making their way to Uganda on the container to be of comfort to orphans and vulnerable children.

Africa Equip thanks you for your continued support and wishes everyone happy summer holidays

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