Easter 2022 Newsletter

Easter 2022 Newsletter

As you may remember there was considerable unrest in Eswatini towards the end of last year. This resulted in damage to many buildings...

School Project Eswatini

As you may remember there was considerable unrest in Eswatini towards the end of last year. This resulted in damage to many buildings including Mqolo Primary school where our friend and supporter Colile Matsebula is a teacher.Sadly, her classroom was one of a number of buildings that were burnt out and everything in the classroom was consumed in the fire. All the schoolbooks, desks, chairs, and toys were lost. The photographs show the state of the classroom after the fire and what was left of the desks and benches. The Eswatini Government will only fund repairs to the classroom.

So Africa Equip responded to the situation by sending funds to Colile so she could purchase basic materials, text books, exercise books, pens, skipping ropes and other toys for use in the temporary classroom she was allocated in the Science room. We also funded Josiah, our associate in Eswatini, to purchase wood and everything that was needed to refurbish the desks. As you can see he did a wonderful job with the desks looking like new.

The above photos show stages in the refurbishment of the desks and below is the whole class with the Head and Colile. The Headmaster, Colile and the children were overjoyed with their new desks and equipment and sent us a video saying “Thank You Africa Equip”

Above you see Sakhile Simelane proudly wearing a new School Jersey. Colile used some the money to purchase it, as he has not had one since Colile has known him. He will be warmer in the coming winter. It is now autumn in Eswatini with winter on the way.

Colile also purchased a printer, and other items to replace those destroyed by the fire.
The photograph shows many of the materials purchased some of which can be seen in the photograph of the class during lessons.

Nohbule Children’s Nusery Project

We have reported before that we have been supporting Nohbule, a partially sighted ex-member of the Choir now living in South Africa with her mother and children. She has an ambition to start

a Nursery to make herself and family self-sufficient and Africa Equip agreed to help her. She found a suitable building that is being rented on a monthly basis. The Nursery has opened while we continue to develop it. Nohbule has registered eight children at present and we are supporting the venture on a trial basis. She is providing a meal for the children and we have funded educational toys, mattresses, tables, chairs and other essential items so that the Nursery can attract more children in the coming weeks.

Photos show items purchased by Nohbule to get the Nursery up and running.

Christ Worshippers Gospel Choir

The choir continue to enjoy their Farmstead, growing crops and raising chickens. Now the Site has been completely purchased Local custom requires the Choir to hold a party for the neighbours and make a contribution to the local traditional authority for their service in helping them get the land. We have funded these costs. The photograph shows Simanga and Philile setting out from the Farm to go into town which is a walk and bus journey away.
More updates to come in the summer.

Africa Equip Web site

The web site is being improved and can be viewed at https://www.africa-equip.org although the development is still in progress.

The Africa Equip Team wishes
everyone a Happy Easter

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