The purchase of a home for Christ Worshipper’s Gospel Choir

The purchase of a home for Christ Worshipper’s Gospel Choir

Africa Equip has purchased a farm for the Christ Worshipper's Gospel Choir – made up of blind young people - in Eswatini, (formerly Swaziland). We urgently need to raise £10,000 to make essential repairs and improvements to make it more habitable, and to develop the site into a Centre for the Blind. The choir is thrilled to have moved into the farm with the chance to become self-sufficient.

Africa Equip’s vision has always been to set up a Centre for the Blind in Eswatini

Having supported the Choir for many years in a rented property, finally, as of this year, Africa Equip has purchased a homestead, comprising of several buildings and farmland, which we plan to develop.

The homestead has been purchased by paying 80% of the costs upfront, with the remainder to be paid in 4 installments over the next year. Additional costs that will also need to be covered include: installation and furnishing of a kitchen, purchasing cupboards and wardrobes, securing doors, and ensuring the site’s electrical system is safe. Furthermore, we will need to develop the site further e.g. setting up an irrigation system to allow for crop cultivation.

We are looking to raise £10,000 to fund the final payments and development of the homestead site into a Center for the Blind.

For over 15 years through Africa Equip, we have been supporting projects in Eswatini – formerly known as Swaziland – South Africa, and Uganda to improve lives through music, education, and access to healthcare. A guiding principle of ours is to ensure we give a hand up, not a handout. We believe this is the way we can truly make a difference.

Helping House the Choir Community

For over 10 years we have raised money to cover the costs of renting accommodation for the choir. Having a safe place to live has made a huge difference to the choir’s quality of life, and all who have previously donated can be sure they have made a lasting impact.

Although helping to rent a house for the choir over the years has been a great success, at Africa Equip we decided to go one step further and purchase a permanent home and land for the blind choir and their community. It is our ambition to develop this into a Centre for the Blind.

Purchasing a Homestead for the Christ Worshipper’s Gospel Choir

At Africa Equip we have currently covered 80% of the costs of the homestead, but urgently need to raise money for the remaining installments, repairs, and development of the property and land. We truly believe through our work developing the Centre for the Blind, it will become a lifechanging and transformational space for the Christ Worshipper’s Gospel Choir and their community.

Simanga one of the Choir sent a message of thanks for the opportunity the new home gives them.

Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to us, and so much to them.

Repairs and upgrades required and the choir at the homestead.

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